Prague - My birthday present

Prague - From the Castle

Beth had planned a surprise trip away for my 30th birthday. I knew when we were going, but no other details. The surprise was however lost when GO delivered the plane tickets and the flight details were visible in the address window...Many thanks GO for your wonderful layout !

I now knew where we were heading, but was shocked to see how much detail Beth had put into the planning. We stayed in Prague in self-catering accommodation arranged via a CzechScene. We were in property CP5 on the 2nd floor, and I can recommend it to anyone (with the exception of the rather small kitchen).

CP5 - Our accommodation

We had a wonderful time in Prague despite my having a throat infection for the first few days. Prague is a very romantic city with some wonderful things to see and do, and in our time there we only just managed to scratch the surface. We seemed to spend most of our time trying to get back to this little Italian restaurant on the edge of the old town square to drink Czech beer, coffee and eat some of the best Italian food we have ever tasted.

Wonderful Italian Restaurant

Towards the end of the holiday, the romantic surroundings overwhelmed us and one night when walking along by the river we stopped by one of the many bridges to look across the river at the illuminated castle....and I popped the question (I would have gone down on one knee, but despite trying to engineer enough space between us to allow this Beth insisted on staying too close)...Beths answer was of course YES. We then took some pictures of the illuminated castle to remind us of this occasion.

Prague Castle at night - THE NIGHT

And so ends the first chapter and the next begins.